One Thousand Gifts

1. Jesus.
2.  One Year Adventure Novel.  Oh, and the Workshop coming soon.  As in i'mtravelingtokansasandit'sgoingtobesuperb
3. New summer dresses that make me feel feminine and pretty
4. Aldergrove lake and the fields and hills of silent, unabashed beauty
5. Friends who write beatiful things like this gal
6. Characters that teach me things and give me hope.
7. Perspective.
8. British accents.  Like, basically the best sounding accent in the universe.
9. Pastors who love Jesus and truly care for me.
10. Frozen chocolate chip cookies.
11. Kansas.
12. A God who works everything according to His plan.
13. Divine appointments.
14. CELERY.  Cacophonic Epicness LERY for the win.  Love you guys muchos.
15. The Kingdom of God is at hand.
16. Being with the family of God.
17. The hope of heaven.
18. Summer!
19. Hopes for the future are in the hand of God.
20. You are Never Alone.
21. Broken Glass King.
22. Kell Thurton. My heart in a character, my lessons learned, my joy and sorrow and journey poured into the story of a boy who became King and needed love to shatter his house of glass, both literally and figuratively.
23. Jo Thurton. #characters who make me laugh
24. People who truly love me.
25. Thursday Nights of Awesomeness.  Did you know, you were the first friends who truly made me feel as if I could be myself without fear?
26. After-midnight Facebook chats about God and relationships and the church.
27. Belonging to a great family in Jesus.
28. The Gospel as a fairy-story
29. Letting go of having to do everything right and realizing that I. Don't. Have. To.
30. Music that sings my soul's song.
31. Strength out of weakness
32. Tears.
33. Having someone who loves you and will let you pour your heart out when you're hurting
34. Sharing music playlists with your best friend. Realizing you listen to all the same music. :P
35. A motorcycle ride. The smells. The wind. The freedom.
36. This thing called HOPE.
37. Long talks with Kelsey.
38. Christmas present shopping
39. Christmas shopping at Walmart at midnight with my dad and chatting about old movies and history over french fries at a ridiculous hour.
40. Crossway Community Church.
41. Kansas.
42. CELERY video chats.
43. Finally reading Harry Potter.


  1. Love this list. :)

    22-23. asdlghjkblh so many tantalising hints! And "my heart in a character" is the best of beginnings. Can't. Wait.

    25. Yeah. Me too. Love you guys.

    28. OHMYGOODNESSYES. Is this what you talk about in that class of yours?

  2. This is an awesome list. Good to make, too! :)