To Do

...because Kelsey's list is just so awesome.

Because life is full of amazing opportunities and beautiful things.

Because I don't want to miss out on living fully, originally, radically, and maybe even slightly ridiculously.

Because I am too excited about the miracle of human consciousness.

  1. Live in England
  2. Write a novel (done more than once!) and edit until I'm satisfied with it
  3. Create a cosplay costume from scratch and wear it to an event
  4. Live in a large city such as Vancouver, London, or New York
  5. Take a walk in the snow in a dress
  6. Vlog
  7. Work in a library or bookstore
  8. See a movie on opening night, in costume
  9. Learn to take really good photos. 
  10. Do a photo shoot in a skirt and with piles of books
  11. Camp somewhere in Europe
  12. Walk around the hills in New Zealand
  13. ...and Ireland.
  14. Memorize a whole book of the Bible (James!)
  15. Sit at C. S. Lewis's desk/
  16. Visit the Eagle and Child pub with writer friends. Pretend we're the Inklings.
  17. Travel (including biking) Europe with a friend.
  18. Be involved in missions.
  19. Enter the OYAN novel contest
  20. Publish a novel
  21. Meet someone. Fall in love.
  22. Keep a journal for an entire year straight.  Also, keep a photo journal for a year straight.
  23. Visit the Doctor Who Experience
  24. Do one thing a day that scares me.
  25. Read 50 books in a year.
  26. Cry over a book series (bother you, Harry Potter)
  27. Give a speech about something I'm passionate about
  28. Visit the Maritimes.
  29. Fight abortion.
  30. Bring someone to know Jesus.  Disciple them.
  31. Homeschool my own kids. Teach them to dream and live big and have adventures and love Jesus.
  32. Teach in some capacity.
  33. Learn a second language.

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