Friday, April 29, 2011

Poetry: Past, Present, Future

Being 13 was a big year for me, in a lot of ways, learning, growing, struggling, dreaming.  That was the year I attended a Rebelution conference, got baptized, wrote like crazy, watched a lot of US politics and dreamed.   It was also a year I wrote a lot of poems.  So, I'm planning on posting a few!   I didn't follow any rhyme or reason or rhythm, and they wouldn't win awards, but they came from my heart.  As I read them, I am strongly tempted to do some editing before they appear here, but I'll refrain.

 "Past, Present, Future"
November 21, 2008

Hey you
Over there
Stop lookin’ only to the past
Stop wishin’ just for the future
It’s time to live
In the here and now

Hey you
Over here
Start living for good now
Start making your life count
It’s time to live
For God right now

We should be
Eternity minded
But we also need
To be working
Right now

Our life now
Needs to be
Lived in the shadow
Of eternity
To do God’s will
Right here
Right now

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