Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So, I wrote about masks.  And now, learning to take off my mask.   Learning to trust others.  Learning to trust my Father in Heaven.  Learning to live, and to love.   It’s a journey.    Not something that will be accomplished in a night, but something that God is doing in me and will continue to do.

God, I have awesome friends.  You have given me awesome friends.   God centered, Jesus loving, encouraging, uplifting friends.  Friends who pray for me, who love me, and who understand me.  I am SO blessed today.   Last night I was able to chat with a couple friends I haven’t seen much over the summer.  I was so encouraged by their words, as they talked about what God has been teaching them and just spoke Truth to me.   They love Jesus and they shared that love with me.   Thank you JESUS!

And Thursday Night Awesomeness.   Wow.  What a GOD thing.  In all truth, this has been an incredible means of grace in my life.  Jesus is using it to strengthen me through the discussions and ESPECIALLY during the prayer times.   Jesus is filling these people and I get to be a beneficiary of what God is doing in them.    Thank you GOD!

And being able to worship at church and youth group is so strengthening.   God tells us to worship Him with singing.   When I’m in a corporate setting, praising my Father, the words of those songs speak to me with clarity and Truth and my faith is affirmed as God is glorified.    I am the beneficiary of grace unmeasured.   Thank you FATHER!

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