Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The brokenness that begins the healing

You know, I used to think that I had it all together
I believed I was invincible
I could fix my own problems
I could heal my own hurts and bandage my wounds

You know, it fell apart on me
All the lies of individuality
I couldn’t hold up my mask
And keep on smiling like nothing was hurting

You know, it was a good thing I was broken
And it was good to cry
Because when I broke in pieces
You gently picked them up and made me new

You know, it wasn’t pain free
It hurt more than anything to be healed
I had to let go of my isolation
And come out from the fa├žade I had been

You know, the freedom I feel
Knowing you, being known by you
It’s a feeling of peace and security
Knowing I can be honest and you’ll love me anyways

You know, this mask is trash now
I don’t need to hide behind my face
You’ve changed who I once was
All I can do is lift my heart to praise

You know, this heart is loved
And I’m only beginning this journey
It’s a wonderful mystery
How brokenness is what begins the healing



  1. I. Love. It.
    ...I love how honest you are because I can really see this reflecting myself. I think a lot of peopel can relate to this sort of stuff... thank you for sharing. It's encouraging. :)