Saturday, December 24, 2011

This day we call Christmas

Oh, to write an original Christmas post.


There is nothing new under the sun...but still, every Christmas has it's wonders.    
They may be old, but there is something comforting about things that are old.

That makes me think of something in a show I watched recently.
 "I like old things.   They make me feel sad,"   one character said.  
Her friend replied, "What's good about sad?"  
To which she said:  "It's happy for deep people."      

So if I talk a little mellow, a little deep, a little bit thoughtful, know that it's coming out of my heart, which, at the moment, is in a thoughtful, reminiscent mood.    It may be 'sad'...but it's truly deeply happy for me.

Christmas is nearly here.      I'm glad for the break from school, work, even the internet.      I think it's good to get away from all the things that clutter up our lives and relationships and simply spend time with people.    Sometimes I overanalyze and over plan my relationships.     But this Christmas is reminding me of the value of simply being together.

So with that, I'll sign off until New Years...


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