Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where I've been: Snapshots

OYAN Summer Workshop 2012.  Olathe, Kansas.  Bigger on the Inside.
So...since it's been over two months since I posted on here, I thought I'd do a quick catch-up post to give my readers (if there are any, which I'm not entirely sure of) a glimpse into what I've been busy with the last two months.  I'm also writing a whole bunch of posts about things that God has been teaching me about life and writing which I'm excited to post over the summer (and that character series is really going to be rebooted, as in soon)!

Snapshot One: Broken Glass King
Currently the novel project that I'm working on is this novel called Broken Glass King.  It was born out of some of the ways that God was breaking me and healing me over the past year and it's a project I'm incredibly excited about.  I've posted about it in the past.  Probably you'll hear a lot more about it in the future months.

Snapshot Two: One more year in school
I'm realizing that this summer is my last summer of being a kid.  Come this time next year, I'll be graduated.   In some ways I'm terrified of what comes after this year, and in other ways I'm completely thrilled.   But even when I'm terrified, I am reminded that I am not alone and that any adventure, no matter how many dragons I face or fires I have to walk through, I have nothing to fear.  This year should be exciting.  God works in mysterious and beautiful ways.

Snapshot Three:  The OYAN Summer Workshop 2012
I had no idea a writing workshop could do so much more than just encourage me in my writing.  I learned so much about writing.  I learned more about life and about God and about what His family looks like.  I made some amazing friends. We did some crazy things.   The OYAN family started on an adventure of wrecking normal for the glory of God.  I'm thrilled to see what comes next.  I could go on- but that's stuff for another post.


  1. woohoo she's back! I can't wait to hear more about Broken Glass King and everything you're learning. SO exciting, all of it.

    And in my experience graduating is not nearly as thrilling (or terrifying) as it seems beforehand. :P haha. You will be magnificent.

  2. Yes!

    Yeah... I have an affinity for beginnings and ends. And maybe slightly over dramatizing my life...:P Thank you, Kelsey.