Sunday, March 4, 2012

Teens Can Write Too (March Blog Chain)

I'm excited to be a part of a blog chain this month, hosted by Teens Can Write Too!

This month's theme is Character Interviews.   Ever day for the rest of the month there will be character interviews going on at the blogs of a group of teenaged story-writers. 

Today I'm posting the schedule for the blog chain, and on March 10th my post, an interview with one of the characters from my latest novel will be posted here!

March 5 — — Kirsten Writes!
March 6 — – Struggles Of A (Maybe) Teen Author
March 7 — –This Page Intentionally Left Blank
March 8 — – The Dreamers Adventures
March 9 — — Lily’s Notes in the Margins
March 10 — – A Box of Letters and a Cup of English Tea ^^ That's me!
March 11– –From My Head
March 12 — –The Word Asylum
March 13 — –Oh Yeah, Write!
March 14 — – A Farewell To Sanity
March 15 — — Novel Journeys
March 16 — — Comfy Sweaters, Writing and Fish
March 17 — – Oops Was That Out Loud?
March 18 — — Here’s To Us
March 19 —— The Incessant Droning of a Bored Writer
March 20 — –Teens Can Write Too! (We will be announcing the topic for next month’s chain)

**Please note as a disclaimer: I don't personally know these bloggers, so I can't vouch for them or the content on their sites.

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