Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is a Christian Storyteller, (Part Two)

Yesterday I talked about a couple different faulty ways that people think about what being a Christian Storyteller means.  Today, I want to talk a little about what my passion as a Christian Storyteller is.
As a Christian and a Storyteller, this is my vision. This is not going to be the vision of all Christian Storytellers necessarily. That's something that every writer has to determine on their own.  This is simply my take on the subject.

I've written a number of different genres.  Some things I've written have been more obviously Christian, and some, like my current WiP, isn't.  But what I believe is important in my stories stays the same, regardless. 

As a Christian Storyteller, I am someone saved by Jesus and have my whole life committed to Him.  Therefore, as a writer, I have varying styles and levels of Christian content in my books, but they all have the same focus- to honor God and seek His will as I write Stories with Purpose and Truth.

So- what does being a Christian and a Storyteller mean?  Can Christians write non-Christian fiction?  I'd say they can.

Being a Christian Storyteller starts deep.  It starts with the heart. In fact, it starts way before you thought about being a writer. It starts with Jesus dying for you.  Then it starts in your life with God's mercy breaking into your sin and redeeming you into His family.  Being a Christian Storyteller starts with a new heart and a new life given to you by the Creator of the Universe (on an unrelated note, read this where Kelsey talks about the remarkably upside down love of Jesus.)

When Jesus grips your heart, you are going to be a very different writer.  After all, your love for stories is a gift from God.  And because He has bought you and you are His, this gift is now one you offer back TO Him for Him to use.  What you get you turn around and give back to the Giver. Upside down, but true.  And yeah, this is really personal to me right now.

God is the source and the center of me as a Christian Storyteller.  He guides this Storyteller.  Sometimes He may give me the vision to write a Christian story, and sometimes He calls me to write stories that are not specifically 'Christian' for HIS glory, to share Truth with the world in a way they will be able to see it. The thing is, whatever I write as a Christian Storyteller, I write for God. I write because He's enabled me.  I write to tell Truth and to bring joy and healing and light in places of darkness.

I write my heart out for my King.

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